qualitaetsmanagmentConsistently high quality is one of the fundamental requirements for achieving longstanding, stable business relationships. This already starts with the basic materials. For this reason, we only procure our basic materials from certified supplying plants.

Schellen & Flack GmbH has had a quality and environmental management system in place for many years that meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2009. The quality of our pipes and tubes is assured through statistical process control (SPC). Continuous inspections of incoming goods, production processes and outgoing goods facilitate a consistently high level of quality. First sample test reports pursuant to VDA – the German Association of the Automotive Industry – (including IMDS entries) are a matter of course for us. The continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management systems is as vital to us as it is to our discerning customers. We therefore endeavour to further intensify our efforts in terms of quality assurance in order to guarantee our customers first class products and services in future too.

Our quality management system is based on a CAQ system which also delivers retrospective evaluations thanks to permanent archiving of the collected data. Full traceability is ensured at all times. Upon request by the customer, all test results can be made available together with each delivery.

Furthermore, customer audits may be carried out at any time following prior agreement