The most challenging demands are placed on packaging not only when the goods are on their way to you, but also for your internal production logistics. We develop complete packaging solutions that provide optimum protection for our products while simultaneously ensuring efficient processes along the entire supply chain and for your internal logistics processes.
Depending upon customer requirements we already provide the following, among others:

Reusable packaging:

• DB mesh-sided box pallets
• Small load carriers (in a range of different sizes)
• Customer containers (e.g. foldable boxes)
• Euro pallets with or without wooden frame
• Plastic Euro pallets with or without frame
• Wooden crates (in a range of different sizes)

Non-reusable packaging:

• Cardboard boxes (in a range of different sizes and strengths)
• Wooden crates (in a range of different sizes)

Special packaging:
For protecting parts with e.g. delicate surfaces

Do you need a different type of packaging? Then please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Our more than 4,000m2 of warehouse space allows us to store sufficient quantities of pipes and tubes. This means that we can ensure constant delivery capability. The benefits to our customers are clear to see: Short procurement lead times and flexible deliveries.

Alternatively we would be pleased to set up a consignment stock warehouse at your premises.


“The journey is ONE reward”. Together with selected partners we also organise international sea transport – in addition to the daily road consignments within Germany and the EU – or even international air freight for those really urgent shipments.

Upon request by the customer, we can of course also provide ASN’s (Advanced Shipping Notes).